You know I tell my clients all the time how important blogging is to the health of their website, but when it comes to blogging on my own, I too fall short.

Most people think… I write and share on my Facebook page “all the time!“. Why do I need to blog on my website, nobody goes there.

Make your website the center of your universe

  1. Your website should be at the center of everything. Why? Because that is where you get to tell people EVERYTHING you have to offer. When you share on Facebook or any other social media channel, all they will see is that single comment or picture. But, when you blog on your website it “shares with all your social media channels” AND people will follow it back to your website and see all the other wonderful things you have to share.
  2. Another BIG reason is that WORDS spread your message on the web. Images capture people’s attention, but words are what people search for. For example, when you upload your images make sure you name them according to the topic because people will find your image using words and follow it back to your website. When you write your article use the words that will attract the type of client or customer you are looking for.
  3. Google and Bing Analytics score your website according to several factors; keyword relevance, social media sharing, website maturity & links back to your website from reputable and relevant sources, just to name a few. This all stems from your website, not what you share independently on Social Media.

We make blogging easy

  1. We have a form link in the footer of your website that will let you write an article (it doesn’t have to be long), include a picture (if you have one), and schedule it for publication.
  2. Once we receive notice of your blog request, we log into your website, style your article with headers, scour it for the best use of keywords, run it through an SEO health check and add a royalty free image if you did not include one.
  3. We connect your website to all your social media channels so when we publish your blog post it is automatically shared with all your connections.

Your Website Success is our Success too

One of our goals is to promote our clients wherever we can. We buy products from our clients, we share their successes, sales, promotions, etc. on our Social Media channels and on our website. We want you to be successful so we will not get off this soap box.

Please schedule a follow-up to on your website at least once a week. We would love to be overwhelmed with blog requests.



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