Social Media Strategy

Please respond to the questions below to help us shape a social media strategy for you.
  • Define your objectives

    Select the primary objectives you hope to accomplish with social media.
  • Fill in the blank area then press the (+) key to add your next priority.
  • Define your voice

    This is how you show your brand's human side - you can be conversational, engaging, and even funny (if that aligns with your brand).
  • Define your audience

    Who are you trying to reach through social media? The fastest growing demographic on Facebook and Google+ is 45-54.
  • What Events are Important?

    Are there some important events that should be promoted?
    April 1 Business Anniversary
    First Saturday of every month is Art Walk
    May 15 Open House
    June 15 Trade Fair
    Aug 1-4 Convention in New York City
  • Who are your Competitors?

    Defining who is competing for your audience can help you measure your success. Select competitors that are close to your size and location so you can accurately measure your progress against theirs.
    Bay Arts Center in Bay Saint Louis
    Gallery 220 in Bay Saint Louis
    Elizabeth Veglia Studios & Gallery in Bay St. Louis
  • What are your best selling items?

    Identify your best selling and most popular items or services.
  • What is interesting about you?

    Including interesting personal stories can help your audience connect with you.
  • Thank you!

    Your success is important to us, but we cannot do it alone. We invite you to stay engaged in your Social Media by letting us know of upcoming events, sales and changes to your business we can amplify your efforts and engage your audience even better.
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