What is foursquare and how can it help your business

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So, what is foursquare anyway? Your business cannot succeed without happy, loyal customers who support your business and spread the word about it. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of Foursquare for free marketing, especially to reach a younger or more tech savvy audience. It is very easy to use and works really well (no bugs and very intuitive).

You can:

Engage Customers

Updates can be anything, like news about an upcoming event, new products or a special offer you’re promoting. When people check-in or look at your business page they will see updates you post on their phone. Customers don’t have to subscribe to see your information.

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What is foursquareYou can offer lots of ways to engage your customers. They even provide a downloadable sign for you to place on your window to let people know you have a special.

  1. Provide something free or at a discount for people who check-in on foursquare
  2. Promote an event, even if you don’t have a booth there, to get feedback on their experience
  3. Encourage people to give feedback on different locations of your business.
  4. Offer a special discount for the first 5 or 50 check-ins like $10 off a new item you just received.
  5. Create badges that visitors can earn by sharing, then create a special discount for badge recipients.

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You get Free Analytics. You can see who’s coming in for the first time, and how often they’re coming back.

  • Look to see how many check-ins you’re getting each week, and how many of those are being shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Find out who your best customers are.
  • Receive an email that includes key statistics and tips and photo’s that people have left at your business.

Like always, have fun with it and let us know when you get on foursquare and we’ll give you a review.


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