creative window displays

A Great Window display is one of the best ways to pull people into your shop. Many shop owners believe that they should allow people to see inside the shop from the windows. However, if you are lucky enough to have a window display area you should be using it to lure people into your shop.

Get your Whimsical on

Do you remember the feeling you had when you were a child and saw one of these wonderful window displays at Christmas where you could imagine yourself in the scene along with the elves?

great christmas window displays

Use your product in your window display

Use your products in a fun and whimsical way in your window display. For example here where they added winter coats, gloves and boots, a wallpaper backdrop, some real tree branches, then scattered the scene with fake snow.

creative window display

Create a Scene

Or create a scene that entices people to want to come in to see what you have inside. Here they used a series of book shelves with old books, wine bottles, moss and tree branches to create some intrigue. If you can incorporate the theme throughout your store.

creative window displays

Use lighting

Set a scene and mood with lighting. Add items that will sparkle in the scene. Here they used a silver sequined dress, jewelry and a silver globe with some great lighting and monochromatic color to create a dramatic effect.

creative window displays

Suspend Items

Don’t forget to suspend items from the ceiling to create drama. Make your window display defy gravity. Things don’t have to make sense. Use of glue, paper clips, fishing line & tape are very versatile. Here they used a black and white theme with splashes of red. If you limit yourself in some way (like color was used here) it will help you be more creative in your design.

creative use of window displays

Not much space? Don’t worry

Having a small space should not limit your options. Just use smaller items and go for more of a monochromatic color pallet. Don’t forget to use light. Light is needed regardless of the size of the window.

creative window displays

Have Fun!

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  • Set some time (at least 2 – 3 hours) when your shop is closed to work on your window.
  • If you can cover the window with some sheets or paper while you work on it to build some anticipation.
  • Get help! You need help and the more the merrier. Don’t forget your ladder or step stool, these will come in handy.
  • If you want you can do a dry run at home or in a back room somewhere. Most of all… Have Fun!
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