Use your blog: The scoop alaska

The Blog

The Scoop Alaska is one of our newest personal blog clients and it has hit the ground running. If you think this story doesn’t pertain to you because you don’t have a personal blog, you would be wrong.

recipe for canned smoked salmonThe People

First, let me tell you a little about Tim & Angel who run this blog. Both of them are young 20 somethings who live in Anchorage Alaska. They fish and hunt quite a bit and they used to rely on a website that would give them tips on where the fish were biting; then the website disbanded. They thought it would be fun to start a website where they could give the tips and also gather tips and recipes from others.

Use Your Blog

So, how does this pertain to you? Every website we design has a blog, you just have to use your blog capabilities. Your business is your passion and I’m sure you would like to say. You can write about the next big sale, a new product. You could write about your customers or about a nonprofit organization you’re giving to. There are so many topics to choose from.

The Challenge

I challenge each of you to write a single article for your website in the next 30 days. Look at the analytics document that arrives in your email every Monday and see what effect your article had on your website. Your website is the fishing pole and the bait is your blog.