54% of Small Business Owners Stay Up at Night Worrying About Money, Sound Familiar?

Making enough money is number one followed by controlling costs; finding new customers; marketing to prospective or current customers, and managing time. But increasingly owners are using technology to address these challenges.

Use Events and Wacky Holidays to Attract New and Returning Customers

Part of marketing your website involves getting seen by people searching for a solution to a problem that you can solve. Just invent events and holidays.

Like It or Not, You're Getting Twitter's Redesigned Website Soon

The Twitter redesign makes the site look a lot more like the company's mobile app. But if you don't like it, you're out of luck.

Facebook's Cryptocurrency: Everything We Know So Far

Facebook's big blockchain play will reportedly create a crypto-based payments ecosystem across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and beyond.

Secrets of Building a Small Business Website Revealed

About one-third of small business owners still do not have a website. Some might not want to invest in the cost. Others might think they can get by with just a Facebook page or Google My Business Profile.

How to Get Customers to Your Small Business

As a new business owner, the question that keeps you up at night is: How will I get my first customers? The answer varies depending on the type of business you have.
white graphic arrows pointing up with a light blue background depicting an increase in your conversion rateEntrepreneur

Increase Your Conversion Rate with These 3 Tools

It stands to reason that your conversion rates are low when you aren't getting in front of the right people. Marketing plays a significant role in attracting the right people to your business.

How to save time and correctly handle WooCommerce accounting and inventory

This article will expand your knowledge by providing actionable solutions to understand, track, and manage your business’ accounting – without taking more time out of your day.

Why WooCommerce Merchants Should Consider Selling on Amazon

“Should I be selling on Amazon or through my own online store?”. This is a common question asked by online sellers. The answer? Both.
busy entrepreneurs sitting next to each other working on laptops

5 Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

There are many different ways to make your life easier as a business owner — and if you seek them out, you will find it less challenging to give your business the attention it deserves.
a stuffed animal sitting in a darkened room stairing at a video on a laptop

20 Types of YouTube Videos for Business

You can’t ignore YouTube if you’re looking to promote any type of business these days. There are 1.9 billion monthly users and over 30 million daily users.
woman sitting on her bed working on her laptop developing traffic-building strategies

6 Easy Ways to Attract More Website Traffic

Put the six tried-and-true traffic-building strategies to work for your online business today. The search engine results will speak for themselves.
children pointing at a laptop screen excited that they wonhttps://pixabay.com/photo-593313/

Link Building 101

Link building is the process of manually encouraging people to link to your website. In order to rank #1 on a page, you need to get around the same number of links that the results ranking on page 1 already has.

How Millennials are Marketing to Gen Z

Those born after 1995, known as Gen Z, have grown up completely surrounded by technology, making traditional marketing efforts relatively useless.

Business Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Here Are 3 Types You’ll Need

If you plan on being in business in the long run, it’s pretty unrealistic to think that nothing bad is ever going to happen.

How to Focus on Quality over Quantity with Social Media

Google ‘small business social media’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles touting the need to be on every single social media platform.

More Than a Pet Project: The Story Of Dogs Meow Subscriptions

What happens when the brick and mortar shop you were banking on becomes obsolete? Reinvent yourself with a new eCommerce venture, of course!

5 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Advertising on Facebook

With social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter growing in popularity, particularly among young people, you might think that advertising on Facebook is a waste of your time. But the fact is, that’s just not the case.

This Company Wants to Make the Internet Load Faster

The internet went down on February 28, 2017. Or at least that's how it seemed to some users, as sites and apps like Slack and Medium went offline or malfunctioned for about four hours. What actually happened is that Amazon's enormously popular…

8 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Small Business

Today, cybersecurity tips for small businesses should not be taken lightly. If you are like millions of small-business owners in America, you probably cannot imagine how a cybercriminal halfway around the world could possibly cause your business…

From TED Talks to Snoo, 15 Histories of the Future

I love TED Talks and, although I haven't been watching since their inception, it certainly has been a long time. This article came across my auto blog feed and I knew you would like it.

These Tech Companies Will Need More Women on Their Boards

California is the first US state to require that women be represented on corporate boards. Several European countries have similar laws or guidelines, following the lead of Norway, which a decade ago required all companies to have at least 40 percent women on their boards.

Local News Stories Blocked by Facebook

This is a case of legitimate news stories being blocked by Facebook inadvertently. But, just like Google, there are many filters Facebook uses to detect spam. One of which is the lack of an SSL on your website. Interesting...

Firefoxs New Browser Will Keep Brands From Stalking You

Today, Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox browser, said it will take more aggressive measures to protect users' privacy.
Wordpress blogging platform

To Blog or Not to Blog - that is the question

One of the advantages of Wordpress is the CMS platform that allows you to blog. Unfortunately, few clients take advantage of this great opportunity. Blogging is something that people can do, regardless of their business, I thought this would be a great topic my Wordpress Meetup group.
fake news on a computer screen on a desk

The SurfSafe Browser Extension Will Save You From Fake Photos

Determining whether a photo that's been meme-ified and screenshotted a thousand times over depicts something real requires a different level of forensic analysis.

Introducing the Simple Payment Widget

Use the Simple Payment Widget to add a quick payment option to the sidebar or footer of your WordPress.com or Jetpack site.

Viral Political Ads May Not Be As Persuasive As You Think

In the age of echo chambers and filter bubbles, is high engagement really just a sign that you’re preaching to the converted?
cross selling

Maximize Your eCommerce Profits with Cross-Selling

Could a minor adjustment increase your online store’s profits by 10%, 30%, or even 50%? Some of the world’s biggest companies, including Amazon, say yes. Cross Selling helps.

Feeding Into Negativity Won't Grow Your Business

We’re human. We get angry when things don't go as planned. We get frustrated when we don’t sign a client we were sure would sign up. We are tempted to go negative when we get attacked after doing everything we can to add value to the lives of our audience and customers.

Zero Is the New No. 1 (At Least for Google Ranking)

Most people think of featured snippets as a bit of highlighted content from a paragraph, but they’re not all like that.

4 Content Assets You Can Publish on Your Website to Attract Attention

You need to publish content -- I'm sure you have heard that a million times -- but there is a big difference between just throwing up blog posts and creating compelling content that will attract attention

Microsoft Calls For Federal Regulation of Facial Recognition

Over the past year, Silicon Valley has been grappling with the way it handles our data, our elections, and our speech. Now it's got a new concern: our faces. In just the past few weeks, critics assailed Amazon for selling facial recognition…
start your day early

Start your day at 4 am and you will be in Good Company

Many well known people like, the CEO of Apple and Starbucks, get up at 4 am. Every one of these folks choose different activities. Some work out, catch up on email, or meditate. But, they are all trying to escape interruptions.

3 Considerations You Must Think Through Before Taking a Political Position as a Brand

Since the 2016 election cycle, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to unmistakably and unapologetically take a stand. Research statistics reflect that shift.

YouTube Debuts Plan to Promote and Fund Authoritative News

According to YouTube, the goal is to identify authoritative news sources, bring those videos to the top of users' feeds. The challenge is deciding what constitutes authority.

4 Tools for Automating and Recycling Social Media Posts

There are tools that automate social media posts, so that important, evergreen content pieces get published on a recurring schedule without more work from you. Here’s a look at a few social media automation solutions to consider.
sales tax

WooCommerce Sales Tax for the US: How to Enable Automated Calculations and Filing

The US Supreme Court decided this week that each state can now require sales tax to be collected on internet sales.

4 Unconventional Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Site

Because of increased participation in social media, however, success with conventional online advertising has become harder to come by.

Google and Uber Race to Dominate the Future of Search: Maps

Open the Uber app in downtown San Francisco, and you’ll discover you can do a lot more than hail a ride. You rent a bike, thanks to Uber’s recent acquisition of Jump Bikes. You can rent a car, courtesy of a partnership Uber has struck with the startup Getaround.

Why Social Media Discretion Is Increasingly Important to Your Brand

Oversharing is akin to gossip. As you gain a reputation as someone who posts too much, your friends and clients begin to see you as someone who cannot keep secrets.

What Happened to Internet.org, Facebooks Grand Plan to Wire the World?

In many ways, the early mistakes Facebook made as it launched Internet.org mirror the company’s current challenges. Facebook tried to present itself as a neutral party and suggested its actions were driven by altruism. But Facebook is inherently not neutral; its aim is profit.

The Price of Google's New Conveniences? Your Data

Wow, slowly over the course of our lifetimes we are giving away more personal information. We are volunteering more information to Google. I'm not talking about your "data" necessarily. Not your height, weight & shoe size. I'm talking about likes, dislikes & habits. The jury is out on how this will affect us in the future. The next generation will have to be the judge.

Facebook's New Focus on Community Might Actually Depress You

Why would Facebook's new focus on community actually make you feel worse? Well, you should read the article. It is quite interesting and enlightening. It turns out people would rather be entertained than stay connected. Is that true? I don't know. I'm still on the fence with that idea.

How to Growth Hack the Facebook Algorithm to Reach Your Most Engaged Fans

Facebook is not going away, and any marketing professional or small business owner would be foolish to stop using it in spite of the fact that marketing on Facebook today is not easy.

If You Use Facebook for Business, Don't Make These 3 Mistakes

Facebook has become an incredible resource for getting more business. Every time you log on, it's like walking into a networking event -- full of potential clients. If you're interested in using Facebook for business, be sure to avoid these terrible mistakes.

Rejected by Network TV, These 3 Women Took Their Talents to YouTube and Grew an Audience of 3.6 Million

Yolanda Gampp has 20 years of experience in making cakes that look like all sorts of foods and everyday objects, from a baked potato to a fidget spinner. But she and her co-producers faced disappointment when their show was canceled after one season in 2012.

Honest Vulnerability Is a Better Personal Brand Than Pretending Life Is Perfect

Social Media creators are creating content with the understanding that real life is not a series of just highs. Giving a more holistic view of your life, the good and the bad is more likely going to help you attract more interest because that’s how most people’s lives actually are.

Facebook Imposes New Restrictions on Ads and Popular Pages

As Facebook tries to make itself over before CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress next week, the company is announcing several new authentication requirements for ads and Pages.

Google to build new undersea cable in Asia and Australia

The cable will provide better connectivity to the five regions where Google Cloud Platform services are available in Asia and Australia: Mumbai, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Sydney.

The Facebook Debacle Proves It’s High Time for Stronger Privacy Laws

The ability of companies to collect, combine, infer, and sell the kind of detailed information that Cambridge Analytica stockpiled has rapidly expanded while Congress has stood idly by and let it happen—if not enabled it.

Apple nabs Googles top A.I. exec to make Siri smarter

Apple just took a very important step toward improving its AI capabilities. The company hired Google's top AI exec, John Giannandrea, to lead Apple's artificial intelligence strategy, The New York Times reports.

Nobody needs a Chromebook with a 4K screen

Word on the street is a Chromebook with a 4K display might be in the works. At least that's what source code from Google's Chromium OS suggests.

Mark Zuckerberg: Nobody's perfect!

On a rare call with journalists Wednesday, Financial Times reporter Hannah Kuchler asked, "Has the board discussed if you should step down from chairman?" Zuckerberg replied with a cocky tone quite unlike his often robotic-cheery responses: "Not that I'm aware of."

7 things to make traveling easier

But before you pack those bags to escape, you'll want to pick up these travel essentials to make your trip a bit easier. You'll have plenty of time to stress out once you're back. It'll be Monday again soon enough.

I finally caved and bought more storage on Google Drive, iCloud

So now the two of the biggest tech companies get $1.99 and 99 cents from me every month. It's worth it admittedly, but I can't get over that I'm doing what both companies want me to do — pay them for a service that could be free if I didn’t rely on them so much.

Millennials destroyed the rules of written English & and created something better

Millennials have created a new rulebook for a variant of written English unique to social media. A rulebook which states that deliberately misspelled words and misused grammar can convey tone, nuance, humor, and even annoyance. I discovered all kinds of new information I did not know about from this article. I hope you will enjoy it.

How Does Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO?

Yesterday Google announced that it has begun the process of rolling out mobile-first indexing to more sites. After a year and a half of testing and experimentation, this is the latest development in Google’s efforts to make the internet more mobile-friendly and resemble user trends.

6 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Reach Your Intended Audience

Everyone who uses YouTube to promote themselves or their company has their own goals. The following is information about six popular ways YouTube can be used as part of your overall online strategy to achieve your company’s goals.

20 Revelations From Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Apology Tour

Facebook apparently had been crafting its response to the news that a voter-profiling data consultancy called Cambridge Analytica had obtained private data of more than 50 million Facebook users back in 2014

Deleting Facebook Is Easier Said Than Done

Over the past few days, Facebook has come under intense scrutiny due to its previous relationship with Cambridge Analytica, a data-science company that secretly culled information from 50 million Facebook users. This has raised questions about their role in the data harvest and its collection of data from its users.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Design Your Brand for Instagram -- and What to Do Instead

Here are steps entrepreneurs need to take to build a strong brand that outlives the Instagram moment. When it comes to building a brand, entrepreneurs need to focus on developing a solid foundation of trust with customers -- not just following the latest social media trends.

Fake News Spreads Faster on Twitter Than Real News, Study Says

Fake news tends to have the real news beat in one area: novelty. That's why Twitter users can't help but share half-truths and unchecked rumors over the platform, according to a trio of MIT researchers.

How to Advertise Your Small Business on Instagram

It’s time for small businesses to consider Instagram advertising as a way to promote their business. With Instagram’s advanced targeting options, you can inexpensively reach users based on location, age, education level, marital status and more.
videos that help market your business

Determining Your YouTube Strategy and Core Message

Before you jump in and start creating videos that help market your business, find out what strategies you should consider and how to develop your primary message.

The Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

When it comes to direct traffic in Analytics, there are two deeply entrenched misconceptions. The first is that it’s caused almost exclusively by users typing an address into their browser (or clicking on a bookmark). The second is that…

How to Make Your Website More Secure (So Google Doesn't Punish You)

The folks over at Google are known for paving the way for Internet behavior. Last month, they took a monumental step forward in helping protect people from getting their personal data hacked.

Unfiltered: How to Show Up in Local Search Results

If you're having trouble getting your local business' website to show up in the Google local 3-pack or local search results in general, you're not alone.

5 Ways Professional Copywriting Elevates Your Website and Your Bottom Line

Every web page is an opportunity to capture a customer. But writing high-quality content requires time and skill. Furthermore, web copy needs to satisfy two audiences: your customers and search engines.

Do iPhone Users Spend More Online Than Android Users?

With so many other smartphones on the market offering similar functionality, it begs the question: Do iPhone users simply spend more money than everyone else?

How to Rev up the Success of Your Website

How do you know which combination will not only attract more visitors but keep them coming back? The top-performing websites, it turns out, have something in common...

Top 10 Plugins you should install on your Wordpress Website

After years of installing websites I have a great list of standard plugins I install on every website. Remember that every plugin takes memory to load.
Debra Cleaver and Voter Rights

Voting Rights are not Black and White

Debra Cleaver's vision is for 100% participation. She is well on her way toward allowing people to exercise their Voting Rights. The first step is voter registration.
Low Down on Phishing & Malware

Digital Tools for Teachers

I got excited this morning to learn about some new digital tools for teachers. So, I thought I would share this with you. Amazon developed a new tool for teachers called Amazon Inspire.
branding ideas

Branding or Rebranding your Business

The first step in branding is to identify your target market. Don't just focus on demographics, but tastes. Are your customers businesslike, cutting-edge, organic and earth loving, or just practical?
voice search implications

Voice Search Implications

Today's video tip of the day is to gear up for voice search. We have seen an ever increasing rise in voice search and it isn’t just related to driving.
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Everything you want to know about Backlinks

Backlinks are, perhaps, the most influential part of the Google Algorithm for your website SEO. The exciting thing is that you can do something to improve your backlinks. Here we give you some ideas on how to do that.
newsletter campaign

On Email Newsletter Campaigns

If you don't have an email newsletter campaign then I have to ask, why not? Email is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience.
Think outside the box like Lin-Manuel Miranda

How to Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box is not easy and can be quite scary, because it means you have to do something different and you run the risk of failure. But, it can lead to great results.
What is Wordpress?

What is Wordpress

There are two distinct legs that operate independent of one another. Wordpress is Open Source Software, which in my opinion, is the BEST! It is like democracy on steroids.
what is the .com called?

What is the name of the .com part of a domain name?

Many people ask me what the .com is called in the domain name. It is called the TLD or Top Level Domain, the last label of a fully qualified domain name.
google free forms
SEO website strategy
local advertising matters
Busy City with many advertising billboards
Use your blog: The scoop alaska

How to use your blog: The Scoop Alaska

The Blog The Scoop Alaska is one of our newest personal blog clients and it has hit the ground running. If you think this story doesn't pertain to you because you don't have a personal blog, you would be wrong. The People First, let me tell…
Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business

Everyone knows about Google. But, millions of people use Bing and prefer Bing for their online searches. Bing has a "BingItOn" marketing campaign that rewards you for using Bing. Bing Dashboard I really like the News feature on my Bing Dashboard.…
link building strategies for your website

How to build a link strategy for your website

This week we promised to give you more idea's on how to build a link strategy for your website. There are different types of links, inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are links to your site from another and outbound links are links you…

Wordpress 4.4

This month Wordpress 4.4 was introduced. This version was named “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. Wordpress is our core software and anytime we have an upgrade it means two things; more security for your website and…
Website Estimate

Using SEO Yoast Plugin on your Website

We install the SEO Yoast plugin on every website we install. It helps us to ensure you have all the tools you need to be successful. You should perform some keyword research to determine the best keywords and keyword phrases for your business…

Blogging to make your Website Sing

You know I tell my clients all the time how important blogging is to the health of their website, but when it comes to blogging on my own, I too fall short. Most people think... I write and share on my Facebook page "all the time!". Why do…
Social Media Plugin for Sharing on your Website
, , ,

Monarch Social Media Plugin for your Website

Elegant Themes, one of our providers recently introduced a brand new social media plugin called Monarch. It is a Social Media plugin that makes sharing on your website look enticing and fun! Any social network Anywhere on your website Choosing…

Most popular and funniest videos of 2014

According to Google, videos are more engaging than blogs or articles. Online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. Here are our favorites! Mutant Spider Dog 120,905,549 views First Kiss 96,070,482 views iPhone bend…
Search Chrome for Free Images

Finding Free Images on Google Chrome

There are many ways to find free or inexpensive images for social media. Because so many of the services I use are Google based, like Gmail, Google+ and Google Analytics, I prefer to use a browser that is compatible with those services for most…
Mailchimp Snap iPhone app

Mailchimp Snap: A Great New iPhone App

Now you can send a photo to the people who subscribe to your newsletter right from your iPhone! Mailchimp just built something new. It's an iPhone app that lets you easily take a picture of new merchandise and email it to your customers. Mailchimp…

You’ll Be Able to Watch Apple’s iPad Event Live Next Week

Next week (10 a.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on Oct. 16) you'll be able to watch the launch of the next-generation iPad Air, iPad mini and iMac. You can tune in at Apple.com/live Apple to Live Stream iPad Event on Oct. 16
One Page Website Template
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Freebie: “Walk & Ride” One Page Website Template

We love to see new developers and what they produce because it is always a fresh look. If you are looking for a clean, simple one page website theme this is a great one, and it's FREE! If you would like this template on your website let…
eCommerce Payment Options at Gulf Coast Web Net

eCommerce Payment Options

We deal with eCommerce almost everyday as a customer, but when it comes to selecting an eCommerce solution for your website it seems more complicated. Here are some of the most common payment options. A payment gateway is one of the…
Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner and I hope you're thinking about some fun activities. This year I was considering dressing up for Halloween which I haven't done in years. Below is a Pinterest Board of Halloween makeup to inspire you. [alpine-phototile-for-pinterest…
Calendarize it by Gulf Coast Web Net

Calendarize It Wordpress Events Calendar

Calendarize it is one of the best calendar plugins for Wordpress. It has lots of great functionality right out of the box, but it also has some very inexpensive extensions to give you more functionality if you need it.
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Creativity in Miniature

One of our goals here at Gulf Coast Web Net is to inspire your creativity. Today we're featuring creativity in miniature. Recently I ran into an article about a man who creates art from nature, but in an entirely different way than you might…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

New VPS Server at GulfCoastWebNet

Gulf Coast Web Net has several servers at InMotion Hosting and these were just upgraded to VPS Server S-Class, which means now your website will run even faster and receive improved SEO scores from Google and other search engines. You can read…
Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, what's the difference?

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, What's the difference?

Have you ever wondered about where your website lives? If your website is hosted with us your website lives in a VPS environment. InMotion Hosting - Types of Web Hosting Plans
The Best Online Appointment Booking Software

The Best Online Appointment Calendars

There are so many great online appointment calendars it is hard to narrow the best ones down. When you are looking for an online appointment calendar there are some key features you should not compromise on.   Acuity Scheduling Acuity…
Get Pinterest Rich Pins Now
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Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest Rich Pins are a recent addition to Pinterest. They make it easier for people to actually shop using Pinterest. So, if you are a business selling merchandise you owe it to yourself to invest some time into Pinterest. You could think…
SEO is everything

SEO is Everything

SEO Misconceptions There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. People new to the world of Websites often ask if I can improve their SEO. These people are still under the misconception that managing SEO is all in the hands of the Web Designer.…
Lines in Design

Use of Lines in Design

Design effectively is more about subtlety than about bold strokes. Lines in design can play a critical role, drawing attention to the content; that is what you want to do anyway, right? There are many design tricks to make your design more…
Media Grid Wordpress Plugin

Using Media Grid Wordpress Plugin

Media Grid Wordpress Plugin was designed by LCWeb, a developer for Code Canyon. Media Grid comes with masonry layout, is designed to adapt each portfolio to any situation and is mobile optimized for responsive themes. This demonstration…
membership website management

Managing your Website Membership

Managing website membership can seem a little daunting. There are a lot of people out there just waiting to take advantage of your inattention to your website and fill it with spam comments and invalid links. So, when you are a manager of a…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Get more shares on Facebook

Shortstack is a company I use often in my task as a Webmaster. They have some great tips about how to get more shares on Facebook. They have produced this great infographic. My Favorite Share on Facebook idea "Ask yourself if your fans will…
How do you share your Facebook Page on your personal timeline?

Sharing your Facebook Page with Friends

Somewhere in the flurry of Facebook changes lately a feature that used to be easy to do became almost impossible to figure out... How do you share your Facebook Page on your personal timeline?   I scoured the Facebook help section,…
New Business Facebook Page

New Facebook Business Page

There has been a lot of hype about the new Business Facebook Page format being rolled out. I really like the new layout, but it is taking FOREVER for them to roll it out. I manage over 30 Business Facebook pages and only one of those has the…
Smith Wordpress 3.9

Smith: Wordpress 3.9 Upgrade

Wordpress just came out with an upgrade they are calling Smith. Managing your website from the backend got even easier and more intuitive. Thanks Wordpress. We LOVE YOU!
Shooting Interiors Gulfcoastwebnet.com

Shooting Interiors

Looking Great Looking great is not just about the work you do, but about how you present it. The success of your business rides on your ability to look great. With this in mind I have presented some great tips for regular people (meaning non-professional…

The Best Online Jigsaw Puzzles

If you are a puzzle geek, like me, you will love the challenge and flexibility of some of the free jigsaw puzzle games on the internet. When I was a kid we would pull out the puzzle box every New Years Eve and spend hours sorting, searching…
graffitti of the phrase "tag it"

Tagging your images for SEO

When people search the web they use words. They may look at images once they have typed in search terms, but they always start their search with words. So, if you are not adding or tagging your images with words you are missing out on an opportunity…
Pinterest for Artists

Pinterest for Artists

I was asked by a friend to do a presentation for the Gulf Coast Art Association. Since I was a child I have dabbled in art and now as a web designer I am fortunate enough to combine my love of art with my skill with computer systems. One of…
Donate Buttons for Nonprofit Organizations

Donate Buttons for Nonprofit Organizations

If you're a nonprofit you know that every penny counts. Because of this many companies offer discounts for nonprofits. Facebook donate button for nonprofit Facebook recently unveiled a "Donate Now" button to make it easier for nonprofits to…
Music making robot machine

Music making robot machine goes viral

In October 2011 Intell published a video of this amazing electronic music making robot using 36 ball hoppers, 2300 balls, 120 unique tones. It took only 90 days from concept to reality using off the shelf hardware. The first video here is a…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Life of a Web Designer

Life of a Web Designer can be challenging. Most of my clients are wonderful people who are easy to deal with and some are, still wonderful people, but more difficult to deal with. I thought this was a cute rendering of the process and challenges.…
To do list

The Best To Do List Ever

Sometimes keeping a to do list can be nearly as time consuming and frustrating as the tasks themselves. So, I wanted to share with you an application that I use to keep track of all the tasks required to maintain a few dozen websites plus new…

Great Free Fonts and How to Install Them

Have you ever wondered where people get those cool looking free fonts? Or, maybe you just don't even know how to install a font once you've found one. Here you go... www.DaFont.com has so many really cool and creative fonts. If you can't…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit
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Etsy Trends and How You Can Take Advantage

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. I think it is because I can find something unique; something someone else doesn't have. Everytime I look at someones shop on Etsy I find myself saying "I can do that", "I could make a great shop". If…
Newsletter Best Practices

Newsletter Best Practices

People debate about the effectiveness of email Newsletters. My recommendation is... Why not? People opt in to your email list, so it isn't like you are spamming people. People have asked that you send them one. You should however, use an…
Great Social Media Goals

Great Social Media Goals

Social media can drive significant business results. So many people jump into social media without understanding what they are doing or why they are doing it. The answer is not to just do what others are doing, but to do it with intention. Join…
The internet doesn't have ideas people do

The Internet doesn't have ideas - People do

In the past 20 years the internet has evolved and affected our lives in ways we could not comprehend. And as always there are people that think it is a great medium with lots of promise and others that think it is ruining our lives. In the past…
Add Google Calendar to your Website

Share your Google Calendar

Did you know that you could create a simple and easy Google Calendar, make it public and show it on your website? It can become cumbersome to share your calendar with clients manually or to try to sync up over the phone. Google has a great…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Bring back your Website Lustre

Bring back the lustre of your image and let us style a website for you that makes you shine. Your online presence is a touch point with customers and potential customers on the web. Everywhere your business is represented online is part of…
creative window displays

Great Christmas Window Displays

A Great Window display is one of the best ways to pull people into your shop. Many shop owners believe that they should allow people to see inside the shop from the windows. However, if you are lucky enough to have a window display area you…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Free icons

This icon set includes 44 beautiful and fun icons and comes courtesy of Elegant Themes. The soft and bright style of these icons is sure to add some color to your website. The package includes PNG images in three sizes, as well as the original…
Creating Marketing Visuals

Create a Marketing Strategy using Visuals to Build a Brand

Building a brand is more about the visual aspects than the words you select. Think about it... when you see the golden arches with a bright red background you know instantly what the brand is you don't need to see the menu. Understand the Purpose Consider…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

How to choose an Avatar image

Before the Avatar Movie... There were avatar images. An "Avatar" is an image that represents you online. The traditional Avatar system used on most Internet forums is a small square-shaped area close to the user's forum post, where the…
apps for people who love to read

Apps for People who love to Read

People who love to read don't have to be left out of the online world. There are some really wonderful app's built specifically with the reader in mind. Here are some of the apps for people who love to read: The Daily News Digg gives…
Small Business Website Essentials

Small Business Website Essentials

If you are a small business owner and you have a website or are thinking about getting one we have a list of website essentials that will help your website do what you want it to do, generate leads and make a sale. Contact Information It is…
Gmail Skins

Manage multiple email accounts with Gmail

My favorite email client is Gmail. You can funnel multiple email addresses through it and keep all your emails in one place for easy access, prioritize your inbox automatically, reply to using multiple addresses and use canned responses quickly…
Group products for great photographs

Great Product Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to open an Etsy shop for my client, Mercader Antiques. Selling online with Etsy is easy and FUN! Fun is a big thing to me, so when I find something that is not only fun but profitable I have to jump on it. I…
SEO Factors search engines love

SEO Factors search engines love

Keywords are simply words or phrases you think people might use to search for your products or services. When you first start your online identity giving some thought to how people might search for your website will be very beneficial because…
Boost your blogs SEO on Google

Boost your blogs SEO on Google

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is about improving your page ranking with search engines, whether it is a website or social media. And it isn't as hard as it sounds. Just being yourself while being aware of how others perceive you will…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Finding Facebook and Blog Free Images

We all know that blog and facebook posts that contain compelling images get more attention than others and most people know there are sever implications of using an image someone else owns. But downloading images from a Google search is so easy,…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

What is a Comfort Zone and how to step out of it

A Comfort Zone (noun): A situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control. In your comfort zone you can, most likely, be productive because you know what you're doing, how long it will take you, what you will…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

What is foursquare and how can it help your business

So, what is foursquare anyway? Your business cannot succeed without happy, loyal customers who support your business and spread the word about it. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of Foursquare for free marketing, especially…
Add your business to google maps

Add your Business to Google Maps

If you are a business you should be on Google Maps. People use Google Maps for so many reasons. They use it from their smart phones, from their computers and it is another method to get your name out and improve the SEO rankings. The free…
Ratings and Reviews can be crucial to seo success

Ratings and Reviews can be crucial to your success

Ratings and Reviews can be the second most important feature on your website! The good news is that most reviews posted on your website are positive. And Social Media is crucial because customers believe their friends reviews over almost anyone…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Ken Jennings Jeopardy Champion Reflects on Technology

If you don't know Ken Jennings I'll give you a little hint. Ken Jennings won a record $2,522,700 at Jeopardy. He also writes a weekly news quiz for Slate, a weekly column for Condé Nast Traveler, debunks myths for Woot.com, creates a trivia…
Multi-use Websites at Gulfcoastwebnet.com

Do you need a multi-use website?

If you have ever said: Then you probably need a multi-use website. A multi-use website allows you to essentially apply different "skins" or "themes", apply different functionality, access a different (or the same) user community and…
Children learn the language of code using Scratch from MIT at Gulfcoastwebnet.com

Children learn the language of code using Scratch from MIT

[hr] Mitch Resnick Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, explores how new technologies can engage people in creative learning experiences. Mitch spoke…
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Wikipedia: Why you should donate

There are lots of "open source" programs out there, but Wikipedia is unique because it creates open source IDEA'S. Like the retired farmer in upstate New York who's using Wikipedia to study the science of sludge, and the student in Kuala…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Twitter Fiction Festival - What is your Twitter Story?

Twitter Fiction Festival Began Yesterday Yesterday The Twitter Fiction Festival (#TwitterFiction) began and will last 5 days. The goal is to write a story in 140 characters or less. It sounds like fun and I'm going to participate, even though…
Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. Excellence does not come naturally.

Excellence in Every Action

Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. Excellence does not come naturally. How many times do we do JUST what is necessary to accomplish the task? We give ourselves a dozens reasons to…
Our Galaxy was just unveiled by Google. It is a 3D rendering where we are free to explore the suns, planets and moons of our Galaxy beyond our solar system

Google is Mapping Our Galaxy

Things are changing The internet, after a decade of exploring device interaction with the iPad and iPhone, changing our idea of reality by electronically altering images with tools like Photoshop and finally going back to the organic imagery…
Pinterest Viewers are looking to style their weddings, their parties and their homes. Create a vignette they like and create a buzz to sell your product

Style your Product Images for Pinterest

If you're online you most likely know about Pinterest®. Currently Pinterest® is free for everyone and is one of the best ways to get your products noticed. The catch is you need to make your product image interesting. What you Need I have…
There are a lot of statistics around the time spent on Facebook and how it effects their relationships. But, researchers are focused on the wrong thing

Facebook Saved my Life

That is a huge statement, but it is true. Mashable just surpassed 1 million Facebook fans and so they are sharing their fans stories about how Facebook changed their lives. Is Facebook a Relationship Killer? There are a lot of statistics banging…
Maintaining the privacy of your browsing information just got easier with PrivacyFix. It scans for privacy issues based on your Facebook and Google settings

PrivacyFix a New Chrome Extension for Facebook Privacy

People fall, generally, into the continuum of two extremes when it comes to their private lives. Those who have given up keeping their private lives private Those who vehemently defend their private information Because the people…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Bloggers Block?

One of my clients biggest hangups is their blog. It can be intimidating. You sit there and look at a blank page and don't know what to write. It is funny because most people LOVE to talk about themselves and their business so you would think…
It's interesting that Yahoo would go with a female CEO and a pregnant one at that. It is either a HUGE affirmation or they're DESPERATE.

On our Radar - Yahoo: Real Change or Toilet Paper

Well, Don't ask me why Yahoo is on my radar... I guess it is because it may be on yours. I stumbled upon an announcement by the new CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, that I found worth watching. I don't personally use Yahoo much; I'm more of a Google…
Building a Network of fans is like making friends. Some can be bribed into being your friend, but they will never be the loyal friend you were looking for

Measuring Friendship in Social Media - more than a click

When I saw Delta Airlines say they would give $1 to Breast Cancer Awareness (up to $50,000) for every "Like" on their page I was dismayed. Building a Social Network of loyal fans is no different than making friends in the real world. Sure,…
SquareUp is an Elegant Solution for the iPad and is one of the best functional adaptations I've seen in a long time.

Square + iPad = SquareUp an Elegant iPad Solution

Today I witnessed the iPad + Square (SquareUp) cash register for the second time and it struck me as such an elegant solution. You attach a little square card reader adapter to the iPad and put the iPad in a stand that flips from the cashier…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

iPhone 5

My family is heavily into the iPhone, kind of like people who love their Chevy or their Ford. It is an irrational love, that somehow identifies them. For example; one of the reasons I knew my husband and I was compatible was that we both owned…
Live video is a great way to engage your audience. Users watch more than 300 million videos every month. Here are some video services that can work for you

Live Video Broadcasting? Why Not?

Live video is a great way to engage your audience. Users watch more than 300 million videos every month. Here are some live video services that can work for you. Justin.tv is an easy way to create live video and show anyone in the world what's…
Document Signature Solutions

Document Signature Solutions

If you require a signature from a client on documents you know how difficult it can be to come up with a solution for obtaining and storing the documentation. Here are some online solutions that are super affordable and can be customized to…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

A Little Content Can Go a Long Way

Your website can be so much more than just a BUSINESS CARD. You wouldn't own just one pair of shoes, so why own just one website! The fact is that owning multiple sites can boost the page rank of your site. It provides you some natural linking,…
Everyday objects as props to tell the store on their website. It makes me want to go out and buy a new camera! Great web elements can be found everywhere

Everyday Objects make Great Web Elements

[gn_dropcap style="1" size="3"]W[/gn_dropcap]e're all familiar with the use of VECTOR images on web pages to help you navigate the site, but there is a new, and wonderfully creative way to provide navigation with photo's. Photo's in every…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Apple victory could be a loss for consumers

Friday a San Jose, California jury concluded that Samsung's Android-based mobile products had infringed on a handful of Apple's patents, including ones covering features like "pinch-to-zoom" and the shape of the phone. Apple Insider article…
Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement per visit

Is your Site Mobile Friendly?

If you have a Gulfcoast WebNet site the answer is YES! Mobile friendly websites benefit your customer, and in turn your business. These sites produce an average 75% higher rate of engagement (revenue, page views, etc.) per visit for mobile…