, Style your Product Images for Pinterest
Pinterest Viewers are looking to style their weddings, their parties and their homes. Create a vignette they like and create a buzz to sell your product

If you’re online you most likely know about Pinterest®. Currently Pinterest® is free for everyone and is one of the best ways to get your products noticed. The catch is you need to make your product image interesting.

What you Need

I have been working with a client to get his online eCommerce store humming and created this fun little montage of photo’s to give him an idea of how to create that visual interest.

Before your next shoot gather some essentials:

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]
  • Flowers (preferably fresh)
  • Scarves, mat’s, placemats (of different textures)
  • Lighting – flood lighting, lamps, candles, even flashlights
  • Ladder (ladder’s come in handy to clamp a flood light to or drape a backdrop)
  • Ribbons (ribbon, twine, string all come in handy)
  • Water (water to put in glasses, vases, etc.)
  • Glasses, vases, table settings (anything you would use for a table setting)
  • Use everything you have available and be creative

Pinterest Viewer

The viewers on Pinterest® are looking to style their weddings, their parties and their homes. When you show your product in a vignette that is reminiscent of a style they like you will create a buzz and sell your product.

Have Fun!

Have fun with your photo shoot. It takes practice, just like anything else. Keep your viewer in mind and put your products in a setting where they will be used. Share images of your photo shoot. I would love to see them!


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