We have too many services to list every option, but here are some very popular options. Please let us know if you have a need and we will do our best to fill it.

Hosting Services

Yes, we host websites, but we do so much more… Our regular hosting clients pay only $30 per month and get Google Analytics delivered to their mailbox weekly, 3 free website changes per month, front-end blog posting (so you never have to visit the admin panel of your website), free high quality royalty free images, free support & discounts on additional website services.

If you need more help we have a premium hosting package for $60 per month. We will help manage your store, add events, upload images, etc. up to 3 hours of work per month.

Oh, and did I mention that nonprofits automatically get a 20% discount on ALL services?

Website Design

We create beautifulelegant & affordable websites that are device sensitive and include all the “bells and whistles” starting at $950 for a fully functional website and $1,395 for a fully functioning eCommerce site.

Regular Package Includes

  • Social Media Integration

    You add an article to your website and it is automatically posted to your Social Media Accounts:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Tumblr
    • Google+
  • Social Media icon links

    Prominently displayed

  • Google & Bing Analytics

    We set up a Google Analytics account for your website and send you a custom dashboard weekly. We also submit your sitemap to Google and Bing search engines.

  • Mobile Ready

    All our websites are mobile ready and your phone number and email address are active for a touch screen.

  • Google Map

    Google Map of your location and business hours

  • Sliding Images

    On the front page of your site

  • Feature Links

    Image Links to your important pages on the front page

  • Four Item Menu

    More than enough for most applications (includes a basic contact form)

Custom Website Components

CUSTOM FORMS – The standard Contact Us form comes free with your website installation. But, sometimes you need something more. We offer to customize your forms with drop-downs, image capture and advanced features like form scheduling, pricing fields $50* per form

CALENDAR ADD-ON – Clients who have activities or classes on a regular basis often want to allow their clients to tap into their schedule. We have some of the best software for this $60* or Go Pro (available for free with Premium Hosting).

NEWSLETTER SET-UP & WEBSITE INTEGRATION – We can set-up your Newsletter Service, Style your Newsletter to be consistent with your website and integrate it with your website and Facebook Fan Page so your Fans can sign-up from your website or Facebook page $120*


Your website comes with integration with PayPal™ for free. When you choose PayPal™ they provide the security for your customers shopping experience. If you don’t use PayPal™ you will have to purchase an SSL Certificate to provide that security. We make an SSL Certificate available to you at cost $99 per year + $25*

GIFT CERTIFICATES & SMART COUPONS  – These are great services for your customers. We offer this great service to our clients on their websites. Use with Name Your Price option to allow customers to enter their gift certificate amount $79*

NAME YOUR PRICE – This service allows you to be flexible in what price you are willing to accept. You can use this to accept user-determined donations, gather pricing data or take a new approach to selling products $49*

AUTOMATED EBAY LISTINGS – For clients who sell on eBay, we can integrate your eCommerce store with eBay and automate your listings. This software is super easy to use and makes your listings look like very professional $99*

REVIEWER DISCOUNT COUPONS – You can provide discount coupons to people who review your products. This is a great way to boost your product sales $49*

FACEBOOK TAB FOR ECOMMERCE – Make the most of your eCommerce by offering your products right on your Facebook Fan Page! You must have an SSL Certificate for this service $60*

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Social Media Management

Why not let us do the heavy lifting?

BASIC – We can manage your Social Media Pages weekly $59/mo:

Post to your Facebook Page twice a week

Add images to Pinterest, other social media or your website once a month

PREMIUM – We can manage your Social Media Pages weekly $79/mo:

Post to your Facebook Page five times a week

Add images to Pinterest, other social media or your website once a week

Post a monthly article for your website

PREMIUM PLUS – We can manage your Social Media Pages weekly $159/mo:

Post to your Facebook Page five times a week

Add images to Pinterest, other social media or your website every week

Post a weekly article for your website

Publish your weekly newsletter

We can do anything you need (up to 2 hours per week)

Social Media

FACEBOOK PAGE INSTALLATION – We can set-up your Facebook Page for you including a cover image and profile image to match your website $25*

SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE STYLING – We can set-up and style any Social Media site (Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging platform’s) $25*

FACEBOOK TAB – We can add a tab to your Facebook Fan Page to do almost anything for $20* per tab

Adwords & Digital Marketing

ADWORDS – Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that lets you reach new customers and grow your business. With AdWords, you choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad. We have an Adwords Expert on staff who will manage your campaign for only $100 per month. We already have several clients on the front page for their business.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Digital Marketing is on the cutting edge of what is now happening and we can work out a strategic package especially for you and your business.

Other Extra’s

DOMAIN NAME SERVICE – We can order your domain name for you. This service is provided at cost for $24.99 per year

SPECIAL THEME – If you have a desire for a specialized theme, like ThemeForest, we will install the theme of your choice at cost (range from $3 – $90*)

DOMAIN CONCIERGE – We can transfer your domain from another host. This service is provided at cost for $25*.

SPECIAL MOBILE SITE – We can build a custom site for you especially for mobile devices. It is leaner than your main website for smaller screens. $200


We offer free training videos, for clients of all levels, to help them manage their website (if you want to).

We also offer personal, one-on-one training, for $50 per hour.

* one-time fee