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When people search the web they use words. They may look at images once they have typed in search terms, but they always start their search with words. So, if you are not adding or tagging your images with words you are missing out on an opportunity to reach your audience.

There are many opportunities to tag your photo’s and you should take advantage of every one of them.

Tagging your images before upload

The first, and best, way to add word to your images is before you put them on the internet. When you add keywords and critical website and contact information to your images before they are uploaded they travel with them everywhere (kind of like an invisible tattoo).

In Photoshop under the File Menu is a sub menu item for [File Info]  you can update the information on the photo and add keywords that people may use to find your image.


Be focused in your keyword choices, use terms people may use in order to find your image or your website or article.

Tagging your images on Social Media

When you upload your photo to places like Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, etc. you will get the opportunity to do more tagging. Don’t forget to use #hashtags where it makes sense, but try not to use more than two hashtags (poor etiquette).

Tagging your images with descriptions

When you have an opportunity to add a description you should do so. Also, your title provides an opportunity to include meta data to improve search results. Your description can be a pure description of the image itself or an excerpt from your post or description of the item you’re selling.

If you’re having trouble think about what a blind person might need to know about the photograph.

The more networks you  share your images the more opportunity you have for your audience to see what you have or hear what you have to say.





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