You can access your email in two ways. Directly from the server or on the email client of your choice.

Email on the Server

To Access your Online Email account simply type YOURWEBSITE.COM/WEBMAIL in a browser then enter your email address for User Name and your password.


If you get an SSL Error message please disregard it and ‘Proceed anyway’. Some browsers are more sensitive than others.

The next screen gives you a choice of three different viewers.
I prefer roundcube, but you are welcome to try them all. Once you’ve decided on the viewer you prefer you can click [Enable AutoLoad] and you will go straight to the email server of your choice in the future.

Roundcube offers the usual email features; inbox, drafts, send, junk, trash, deleted folders, for example. You can also set-up your own address book, change settings, add folders, etc.


Email on your Client

You can also set-up your email on a mobile device using the following settings. If you are going to use Secure SSL/TLS settings ask us what server you are on and set it accordingly.:



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