Twitter Fiction Festival – What is your Twitter Story?

Twitter Fiction Festival Began Yesterday

Yesterday The Twitter Fiction Festival (#TwitterFiction) began and will last 5 days. The goal is to write a story in 140 characters or less. It sounds like fun and I’m going to participate, even though it seems like a ploy to get more people to use Twitter.

I have always thought of Twitter as somewhere people go to chat with other people they may know or, most likely, don’t know about topics that both want to discuss. Some people are avid Tweeters and some, like me partake only occasionally.

Part of the allure of Twitter is that you only have to invest 140 characters. Which most people can rattle off in less than a minute. This exercise may take me a while though seeing as how I have to craft a story.

It seems a little like eHarmony. Which I have also dabbled in. How? Well, it’s like those little intro questionnaire’s you ask your match to respond to. Some people are going to answer the questions and some will babble about what ever they want, ignoring the question. So, it will be interesting to see what people write.

My Twitter Fiction

Hellen left England to escape the stories, stories she told herself, but they followed her. A generation ago happiness was so promising.

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