Black and white zebra

The Right to Vote

For some reason political parties in this country have become divided on some of the most fundamental American values. I don’t know why or how it happened. My personal belief is that we all have a tendency to polarize in order to make a grey issue more black and white. It makes it easier to see right from wrong when you can draw a line and clearly see who is on each side.

Just like this zebra, the issue may appear black and white, but the zebra has to live with both.

Debra Cleaver

Debra Cleaver is a woman with a passion, drive and resilience to make her vision a reality. Her vision is to get voter turnout to a full 100%. Her latest big step was to procure the rights to (not a small task). Others have tried to gain the rights to this domain for 20 years.

It was purchased in 1993 by a gentleman who was very altruistic and thought the internet would take off. Both political parties have tried and failed to purchase the domain. She succeeded by gaining his trust and brokering some interesting conditions. You can read more about the deal in an article at by Tanya Tarr titled What’s in a Name? Everything, When it’s your website.

Debra Cleaver owner of
Voting Rights are easy to start at

Voting Rights at

Exercising your voting rights just got easier at will let you check to see if you are registered to vote, it will also let you register to vote online. has built and will continue to iterate the digital technology that removes barriers to voting and increases voter turnout.

I hope that you will take the time to vote this year and help Debra get closer to her vision. Her vision is really OUR vision isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to be denied your right to vote your conscience so we shouldn’t deny others their right. Let’s not let our difference divide us. We should let it strengthen us, as it did for the founders of our country.