Website Analysis & Search Engine Optimization

Website Analysis & Search Engine Optimization is something every website should undergo, but few people make the extra effort to have done. We offer local SEO services to our website hosting clients to increase website traffic and improve your local business visibility. SEO or Search Engine Optimization are optimizations that result in organic (free) traffic from search results.

Our Website Analysis service provides you with:

  • Website Speed Analysis: Load speed is a big factor in Google’s algorithm. We will review your website to see what is causing slow load times and we fix the problem to give your website a minimum score of 90%.
  • Mobile Device Analysis: About 32% of all searches are performed on mobile devices. Now Google factors mobile readiness into their search algorithm. We will optimize your site for a mobile device.
  • Backlink Analysis: A backlink is a link on another website that direct traffic to your site. We will identify the backlinks and make recommendations for you to build more.
  • Keyword Analysis: Google crawls your website daily. So, the way you use keywords is important. We will find the most widely used keywords, and determine how they co your current ranking and make recommendations.
  • Competition Analysis: In the website review, we will look at your closest competitors and compare your website to theirs. This will help uncover areas of improvement for you.

Request your one-time Website Analysis+ right now for only $300 using our help desk.