If you are a business you should be on Google Maps. People use Google Maps for so many reasons. They use it from their smart phones, from their computers and it is another method to get your name out and improve the SEO rankings.

The free service that is commonly known as “Google Maps” is actually called “Google Places”. Here we will explain how to get started on Google Places. If you don’t have the time to get started your web designer can often give you a helping hand. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Google Account

You can create a new account here. Accounts are Free and you can use an existing email address or sign-up for a Gmail account. It is advisable to get a gmail account in order to connect all your Google services, even if you don’t use as a contact email.

Business Details

Add all the basic information about your business; the name, address, contact information, hours, photo’s. Include as much detail as you can because everything counts toward getting you noticed.

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  • You will need to be able to receive a phone call at the number provided to verify your listing. An alternative is to have a post card mailed to the physical address.
  • If you have additional phone numbers you should create another listing. This gives you more content and a better way to be found.
  • For Description use words you think customers would use when searching for you. For example; “Realtor serving Gulfport, MS. Ask about our free market assessment. We have experienced listing agents.”
  • You can list your business under 5 categories.


Claim your Listing

If you see your business listed where it says “Already on Google Maps” then click on the button to claim the listing. If you don’t see your business click “Add Listing”


Insert at least 5 photo’s. Images will be changed to 2 high x 3 wide ratio. If your images are not this size they may look warped. Name your images with the keywords you would like to be found for.

If you have video’s it is highly advisable to add them here! Suggestions for video’s:

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  • You can use a free service from Animoto to create a quick professional video.
  • Your content should overview your core services and distinctive features, meet the owner, meet the staff, satisfied customer testimonials, how to contact us or how to get started.



Phone validation is the quickest, but if you don’t have access to the phone number listed you can choose the Postcard method.


Google should have your changes up in a couple of days. Once you are live don’t forget to ask former satisfied customers to write a review for you. Listings with more reviews will outrank businesses without reviews.

Don’t forget to have fun and pretend you are a customer when you look at your listing.