Bing Places for Business

Everyone knows about Google. But, millions of people use Bing and prefer Bing for their online searches. Bing has a “BingItOn” marketing campaign that rewards you for using Bing.

Bing Dashboard

I really like the News feature on my Bing Dashboard. It quickly summarizes the news according to location, subject matter and even Social Media channel. It even puts a little image tickler at the footer of the page based on my personal preferences.

Bing Searches

Search Rewards

Bing has a program called search rewards that gives you points for searching and sharing that you can redeem for gift cards and other rewards. You can sign up here.

Bing and Siri

Did you know that Bing provides search results for Siri on Apple devices? The move is now official: Bing has taken over serving search results and ads for AOL from Google. This deal affects all AOL search traffic worldwide and on all devices. Bing now is responsible for approximately 34% of organic search results.


Eli Schwartz discussed the topic in his December article in Search Engine Land “Is Google’s Search Market Share Actually Dropping“?

Not surprisingly, which search engines people choose varies by demographics. When I looked at a comparison between males and females, a higher percentage of males (77 percent) primarily use Google on their desktops versus females (71 percent). On mobile, the percentages using Google were a lot closer: 78 percent female, 76 percent male.

The choice of search engine also seemed to be very dependent on age; 82 percent of users under 45 chose Google as their primary search engine, while only 66 percent of respondents over 45 did.

When building personas of your users, it is not enough to just bucket their behavior and shopping behaviors; you also need to take into account their technology usage patterns.

You already know that an iPhone user will need to experience your website or product differently from the way an Android user would, but you should be just as knowledgeable about changes you should make in your marketing based on how these customers use search engines to find you.



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