Etsy Trends and How You Can Take Advantage

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Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. I think it is because I can find something unique; something someone else doesn’t have. Everytime I look at someones shop on Etsy I find myself saying “I can do that”, “I could make a great shop”.

If you have an Etsy shop or have been thinking about opening one here are some of the items that are trending.

Hand Made Items

Packagery is a shop that sells packaging supplies.
Their Silver Heart Envelope Seals did really well in 2013. They have 75 different items for sale and they all follow a similar style and function.

Nangijala Jewelry [Nahn-ghee-yahlah] sells hand fabricated jewelry. Most of the pieces are rustic in nature. There are 156 rings, earrings & necklaces.

COCOAandHONEY is shop that makes Chocolates & Confections from Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. They have 24 different items which all look delicious! Their photographs are well done on a stark white background making the chocolate really stand out.

Etsy for MEN

JooJoobs make beautiful custom wallets for men. There are 94 different items all shot on a rustic wooden table to accentuate the rustic image. It is a great product with a variety of styles and very reasonable prices.

MDesignWorkshop makes really stylish shoes for men! They have boots, sneakers, sandals, loafers and even moccasins.

Son of Soren makes mens scarves, neckties and shaving kits. These are clearly targeting the fashion forward, beard-wearing outdoor man. The photo’s are shot with a blackboard backdrop and have a distinctive edgy feel.

Furniture & Accessories

JCModern sells what they call heirlooms. Most of their furniture pieces are mid century modern in style but they have a few other items like globes, bookends, etc. Their backdrop is consistent with a clean wood floor and grey colored wall.

Quartertwenty sells some interesting wall shelf brackets that are very popular. They call it the Wall Stirrup Shelf Bra. It is a very minimalist look. They have a few other items like toilet paper holder and bottle opener they also sell a few interesting skateboards.

1001 Vintage sells primarily ceramic pottery items. They all have interesting shapes, colors and textures and are reasonably priced. They have about 346 items and have had 787 sales.

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You can see all the trending Etsy items here


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