Free Forms

Google has a free form building module for people with a google account (google or gmail email). The module is stored on your Google drive and it is very easy to use.

Our friends at Elegant Themes just published a great article about how to use the module.  Creating the form is super easy and fun to do.

Free Google Forms

Google Forms WordPress Plugin

I did try adding the Google forms plugin they suggested and, after numerous attempts to integrate it into my website, I finally decided it wasn’t worth the effort. The article claims it integrates with the theme on your website, but the results I got, out-of-the-box, were lacklustre and would have taken a great deal of coding to correct.

Below is a form I created and embedded and I would LOVE if you tried it out and gave me some suggestions on topics you would like to read about.

Want your Free forms?

If you want to create a form and would like it added to your website, just send us a link to your form at our Support Desk. We can create a great custom form for you on your website with Gravity Forms too.

Custom Forms

We have a developers subscription to Gravity Forms which will allow us to integrate many of your favorite software packages into your website. We can even configure it to accept payment for events from many of the most popular payment platforms.