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My favorite email client is Gmail. You can funnel multiple email addresses through it and keep all your emails in one place for easy access, prioritize your inbox automatically, reply to using multiple addresses and use canned responses quickly and easily.

Gmail Labels

Labels are like folders. You can apply one label or multiple labels to an email. When you apply a label to an email it will remember the label for all reply’s and keep track of it for you.

I have three major label classifications then I assign sub-labels like this:

  • Business
    • Finance
    • Receipts
  • Personal
    • Finance
    • Friends
    • Receipts
  • Clients
    • Client Name 1
    • Client Name 2

Any email I need to find is only a click away.

To apply a label all you have to do is open an email and click on the folder icon from above:



Priority Email

You can change your inbox display by going to settings (use the gear icon in the upper right corner).

Click on the Inbox tab and there are four different inbox types available. I prefer Priority Inbox. When you select priority inbox you get four different inbox sections (sections are shown separately and are collapseable). I use three of them:

  • Important and unread: See how Google determines what emails are important to you. It really does work!
  • Starred: Emails you determine are important that you need to follow-up on.
  • Everything Else: Other non-imporant things that can wait


Reply from Email Address

If you use your Gmail account with multiple email addresses like I do then this is something you really need. When you are in settings (use the gear icon in the upper right corner)

  1. Select the Accounts tab
  2. Add another email address you own
  3. Click the radio button below for Reply from the same address the message was sent to.



Canned Responses

If you have a regular newsletter or content that you send on a regular basis canned responses may be just the thing you’re looking for.

To get the ability to send a canned response go to settings (use the gear icon in the upper right corner) then Labs tab.

Scroll down until you see Canned Responses and click on the Enable radio button:


Then when you want to save a canned response or used a saved one when you’re drafting a new email, just go to the bottom right corner of your email and select Canned Responses.


Gmail is a very versatile email client and it has more capabilities than are listed here. If you have some other tips and tricks or your favorite email client please let me know about it.

Suzi Wilson


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