Google Analytics

This is an explaination for the standard Dashboard
you will receive as a client at Gulf Coast Web Net.

Where do your Visitors Live?

This can help you understand where your visitors are coming from

Is your audience mobile?

Tells you how many visitors are using mobile devices. This can help you design the most appropriate website for your business.

How much can your visitors see?

This tells you what screen sizes your visitors are using. This can help you ensure that your website design accommodates the most frequent visitors. You can use Screenfly to see your website using different screen resolutions.

Visits / Pageviews by Social Network

This table shows the social platforms that sent the most traffic to your site and how many pageviews these visits generated.

If there is an image alongside the social platform it means that this platform is one of Google’s data hubs and more information will be available about the activity that happened on the social platform.

Interaction by Day of Week

This widget shows you how much social activity happens on data hubs and interaction on site from social traffic by day of the week.

The days of the week report shows you which days have been most successful, so you can monetize successful days even more and identify which days are quietest and whether you can do more on quiet days to see more interaction.

How many people are accessing your website?

This shows how many people are visiting your website every day over the past month. You can use this timeline to identify what outside activities, like Facebook shares or local events, are increasing traffic to your website.

Writing articles or blogs on your website will increase traffic to your site and improving your ranking on Google searches.

Remember frequent and relevant content!

What pages are most popular?

This shows what pages and posts on your website are most popular. This can help you identify the topics your readers are most passionate about.

Which search terms are used to find you?

Shows what people typed in the search engine’s input box before clicking through to your website.

Visits by Source

Indicates where visitors to your website are coming from.

Visits by Language

Tell you what languages your visitors speak.

Visits by Social Network

Here you see the social websites that have sent the most traffic to your site, shown as percentages in the pie chart. This data should be used to help you decide which social platforms to invest time in and also which ones are not worth the investment to you. It can also help you identify which platforms work naturally, as some may appear in the dashboard without you actively using them.


Bounce Rate measures how many people leave your website after viewing only a single page (landing page).

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