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services to their fullest.

Support Desk

You can also send an email directly to support@gulfcoastwebnet.com and it will magically appear in our console.

  • We monitor your requests frequently throughout the day.
  • When you use the support desk portal you can set the priority of your request and have access to FAQs that may help you answer your own question.
  • You can even add images to the support request (although they can’t be too large).
  • The portal allows us to track your requests, prioritize our day, keep everything together, and de-clutters our inbox. Please use it frequently!

† You can register if you haven’t already.

Payment for Services

Charges for our services vary depending on your arrangement with us.

  • You can pay for your hosting services monthly or annually †.
  • If we manage one or more domains the fee is $2/mo.
  • We have three different payment methods:
    1. You provide us your credit card details and charge your card directly through our Merchant account.
    2. We provide you access to our online payment portal and you manage your credit card details or add bank payment.
    3. We bill you by invoice† and you pay with your credit card or mail us a check. ‡

Payment Portal

† Invoicing is only available for installation fees & annual payments.

‡You must make prior arrangements with us before you pay by check.

Google Business Page

If you have a physical location where clients can visit, or you travel to the customer’s location to perform a service then I recommend that you establish a Google Business Page. If not, you will not be permitted to establish a Google Business Page.

Google requires video verification for most accounts. If you would like to learn what you need to get verified we have a page on our training section to help you.



There should be a link at the bottom (footer) of your website that says, “Add an Article.“

Click on the link and type your article.
The form is sent to our support desk (we check for your requests every morning).

We log in to your website and update your article with stylish headers, images & links. We will also fix any spelling or grammar and maximize the article for SEO, utilizing your keywords if you have provided them.

When we publish your article, it is automatically posted to all your Social Media channels, including your Newsletter (if you’ve signed up for one).



You will get so much out of your website if you join in the conversation. Here are some easy ways:

  • Like us on Facebook! We share lots of information and make announcements there.
  • Read our monthly newsletter. There is often information in our newsletter that you won’t get anywhere else. You are automatically added to our distribution, but if you have a friend that would like to receive it, you can share it with them or sign up here.
  • Be a good neighbor! When you see an announcement for a new client, like them on Facebook, check out their website to see what they offer. Share their information with friends.
  • Don’t be shy. If you need anything, just let us know. We are happy to help.

SEO & Analytics

Every week you will receive an email with your Google Analytics.

  • You can read more about your dashboard here. The description on this page is laid out in the same order as your dashboard for easy identification.
  • If you would like access to your online dashboard, just let us know at our support desk.

Give us a Review

Reviews help us, just like you. If you enjoy being a client and think we have done a good job please take a minute to give us a review. It means a lot!