Google Business Profile Verification & Management

The business verification is required for Google to help assess ownership of the business, address validation, and business category validation to help appropriately serve our users and merchant partners. video verification is similar to the Know your customer (KYC) verification process.

Google has recently started requiring video verification for businesses to open their Google Business Page. I have included some videos here to explain how you can get your business verified using this new process. The advantages of starting a Google Business Page:

  • Monthly limit increases
  • Be searchable by your business name
  • Phone number mode of payment activated
  • Enhanced account security
  • Merchant rewards


  1. Make sure you have set up a Gmail account before you start this process.
  2. If you are a service-type business be prepared to list the cities in which you provide services.
  3. Be sure you are at your business location before you start this process.
  4. You need to be prepared to show:
    1. The location where you work
    2. Your business cards
    3. The tools you use in your business
    4. The street signs showing your location
    5. Possibly the entry to your location

What if I run a home-based business?

Depending on your business model, creating a GMB listing will vary a great deal from one business to another. Whether you run a home-based business or are visiting customers at their homes, you will have to be careful how you set up your listing if you want to avoid suspension. In this video, I cover all possible scenarios so you don’t encounter any issues further down the line.

You can add, or update your Google Business Listing by going to 

Need More Help?

This video will provide more information if you need it.

Google is constantly changing things, so any instructions we provide may not follow exactly what you’re seeing. Please do your best and stop and start the video as needed. 

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