How does Adwords Work Anyway?

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How does Adwords Work?
Adwords can look very confusing and it seems like a stretch for most people. However, it is one of the best ways to gain traction on the internet for your business. Ads can provide you with insight about people looking for your products and services, and it gives your business visibility even if your website is not in the top results.

Adwords lets you show your ads when and where you want them to show. You can also show your ads on thousands of other websites. Everyday millions of people access the internet from their mobile phones. You can target ads specifically for mobile devices using Adwords.
Quality Score
Better quality ads make it easier and cheaper for your ads to enter an auction. Ad quality can also affect whether your ad will appear at all.  You’re more likely to get your ad on the first page of search results with a lower bid when your ad has a high quality score.
Ad Extensions
With ad extensions you can display prominent items like your phone number or location. You can also add a small sitemap so people can go directly to your contact page, hours, about us, etc.
Video Ad
You can show a video ad on YouTube® and pay only when someone watches 30 seconds or clicks on a call-to-action in your video.
Google wants what is best for everyone
Google uses a second choice option for bidding prices. It allows people to bid, just enough to beat the competition even when you enter your maximum bid. Your website is inextricably connected to your success on Adwords, which is why it is a good idea to have a webmaster who can provide Adwords services. If you are a client you can request our Adwords service here.

Here, Val Varian, Chief Economist at Google talks about how an Adwords Auction works.



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