Creativity in Miniature

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One of our goals here at Gulf Coast Web Net is to inspire your creativity. Today we’re featuring creativity in miniature. Recently I ran into an article about a man who creates art from nature, but in an entirely different way than you might expect. His name is Klaus Kemp and he creates images from creatures called diatoms.

Miniature Diatoms

Diatoms are algae and are among the most common types of phytoplankton. These diatoms originated during, or before, the early Jurassic Period.

These artistic arrangements began in the Victorian era, but in today’s digital environment it has gained a new dimension. Klaus searches for diatoms in water we walk by every day.

“It was love at first sight. I just could not get over how nature could produce something that beautiful. Most of the world never see’s that beauty.”

Klaus Kemp is known as a Diamtomist. I invite you to watch this short video and see what he does. Just think of the beauty around you and be inspired to share with others the beauty you find.

Image: Diatom Kiss by Glendon Mellow


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