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If you’re a nonprofit you know that every penny counts. Because of this many companies offer discounts for nonprofits.

Facebook donate button for nonprofit

Facebook recently unveiled a “Donate Now” button to make it easier for nonprofits to take contributions. It will appear beside Posts in your News Feed when shared by participating nonprofits and at the top of their Facebook Pages. They are still developing the feature and will make it available to more organizations soon. Any nonprofit group interested in signing up can complete the Donate interest form in the Facebook Help Center.

Facebook Donate Button

PayPal Pricing for nonprofits

PayPal also reduces its fees for nonprofit organizations which are 0.7% cheaper than for profit organizations, there are no monthly fees or setup charges. PayPal also makes it easy to add a Donate button to your website. You can accept one-time or recurring donations. If you’re interested you can read more about affordable solutions for nonprofits on Paypal.


If you use PayPal you can also sell items on Facebook and donate a percentage to charity by using bewarket. bewarket will let you list an item for sale in their online Facebook marketplace and you have the choice of donating a percentage to charity.

Eventbrite Pricing for nonprofits

Events are a great way to raise money and awareness. Eventbrite provides nonprofits with affordable, easy-to-use online tools that enable you to run successful events. If you’re a 501(c)(3) organization, you are qualified to receive a reduced service fee of 2.0% + $0.99 per ticket (additional credit card fee of 3%). You can choose to pass the fees back to the purchaser so that you collect the full donation.

If you want to take advantage of this service as a nonprofit you have to send a copy of your 501(c)(3) form to and tell them what email and telephone number you used to setup your Eventbrite account.


Amazon Simple Pay Pricing for nonprofits

For basically the same price structure as PayPal you can get donations using Amazon Payments. You can can choose from several different payment buttons:

  • Standard Accept one-time payments for physical or digital goods.
  • Subscriptions Collect subscription payments for content or services or to process recurring donations.
  • Donations Collect one-time charitable donations on your website (501(c)(3) organizations only).
  • Marketplace Facilitate payments between buyers and sellers.


Whatever your need we are there to help. If you are one of our clients just ask if we can set one of these up for you.

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