My family is heavily into the iPhone, kind of like people who love their Chevy or their Ford. It is an irrational love, that somehow identifies them. For example; one of the reasons I knew my husband and I was compatible was that we both owned iPhones. Funny…

Anyway, to the point of this article… I just received notice that the iPhone 5 was now available and I know that you would be interested in what is new in this release.

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  1. Thinnest iPhone ever at just 7.6 millimeters
    1. nano-SIM card, which is 44% smaller than a micro-SIM
    2. The iPhone 5 is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than iPhone 4S.
    3. The display is 30% thinner than before
  2. Ultrafast wireless
  3. 8MP iSight camera has more features
    1. Panorama and dynamic low-light mode, but is 20% smaller
    2. Retina display with integrated touch technology
    3. You can take pictures while shooting a video
  4. Instead of a separate layer of touch electrodes between display pixels, the pixels act as touch-sensing electrodes
  5. Audio has been improved by adding three more speakers for a total of five
    1. The noise-canceling feature has been improved
[/gn_note] One of the big complaints to date have been the earbuds. I know that the first thing I toss out of the box is the earbuds. They completely redesigned the Apple EarPods. So, if you get a new iPhone 5 give the EarPods a try.

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  1. Redesigned with the help of 3D models and hundreds of volunteer testers
  2. Tested in extreme heat and extreme cold during cardio workouts
  3. Sound engineers redesigned the speaker diaphragm to minimize sound loss and maximize sound output
  4. The engineers also added vents to allow air inside the stem so you hear deeper richer bass tones
[/gn_note] For those concerned about our environment (include me!)

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  1. Made completely from recyclable materials like aluminum
  2. Free of brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride
  3. You can read more about Apple’s environmental footprint
[/gn_note] Like all technological advances and product roll-out strategies, Apple has changed some components that may not be compatible with their current iPhone.

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  1. A smaller dock connector
  2. Reversible ends
  3. Not compatible with current charger/syncing cables
  4. They offer an adapter and adapter cables, from $19 to $39, which might be awkward for some accessories
  5. Bose, JBL and Bowers are working on new products as accessories, but their not out yet
[/gn_note] Going for sale September 21st and available for pre-order on September 14th in both the White and Black versions.

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  • 16GB for $199
  • 32GB for $299
  • 64GB for $399
[/gn_note] If you choose to buy one, please let us know what you think. I know we will!

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