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One of my primary roles as a webmaster is to keep the websites of my clients safe from intruders. In this environment of hackers, it is not an easy job. I just completed a sweep of all websites on all servers and have enabled some new features to make your website even safer.

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Defender Pro

I use Defender Pro by WPMUDEV to defend every website. Here are some of the great features we use:

  • Scheduled malware scanning – each website is scanned weekly
  • Comprehensive audit logging – we log every activity on the website
  • Scheduled Security Reports – each website sends me an email if it detects any fault in a malware scan or software vulnerability
  • Google blocklist monitoring – this checks to ensure that Google is not blocking your domain.
  • Security Headers – this makes it harder for browsers to exploit client-side vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting or Clickjacking
  • IP lockout device – every failed login attempt is automatically blocked
  • Core and plugin code checker – regular checks for WordPress and Plugin software vulnerabilities
  • Restore and repair changed files – can automatically fix a WordPress file back to its published code.
  • User Agent Banning – protects against the XSS attack from security headers by stopping the page from loading when such a User Agent name is detected
  • Geolocation blocking (block based on location) – we can block your website from any country or region
  • Automatic security key regeneration – new security keys are generated every 60 days.
  • Safe Repair for suspicious files – Quaranteens suspect files
  • Hosted WAF integration – helps protect your website from XSS. This is only available for websites hosted at WPMUDEV.
  • Google reCAPTCHA – Provides reCAPTCHA protection on the login screen
  • Managing user login duration – If you log in and forget to log out the website will automatically log you out in 24 hours.


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