If you are a puzzle geek, like me, you will love the challenge and flexibility of some of the free jigsaw puzzle games on the internet. When I was a kid we would pull out the puzzle box every New Years Eve and spend hours sorting, searching and turning. These tools make fun work of a puzzle and are just as challenging without the mess and storage of boxes. You should give some of them a try.


Jigzone.com has a daily puzzle game you can play or you can create your own puzzle, send a puzzle postcard to a friend and compare your solve time with friends.

Jig Saw Planet

Jigsaw Planet has lots of different puzzles available, plus you can upload your own image and change the shapes of puzzle pieces and difficulty level.

The Jig Saw Puzzles

“Play on all your computers and mobiles, online or offline, 10000 puzzles with up to thousands of pieces”
The Jig Saw Puzzles is also really fun. You can change the puzzle piece shape and count. You can also download an app to your tablet, PC or Mac for free. They have some very nice graphics that I enjoy.

» More free online jigsaw puzzles at TheJigsawPuzzles.com

Hope you will try some of these out and let me know which are your favorites, or better yet, send me a puzzle to solve!

Suzi Wilson

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