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Sometimes keeping a to do list can be nearly as time consuming and frustrating as the tasks themselves. So, I wanted to share with you an application that I use to keep track of all the tasks required to maintain a few dozen websites plus new client tasks. It is from

This tool allows me to categorize projects by client type, activity type, anything I want. I have projects for Pending clients, social media clients and production clients. I also keep a list of standard tasks that I can use when I’m creating tasks for a new client. I can color code these in any way that makes sense to me. Then I set a priority for the tasks as they come up and the application changes the color of the task and sorts it appropriately.

It also sync’s with all my devices and allows me to assign tasks to others. Here is a little introduction video to give you a preview.

ToDoist can even integrate with your Gmail account.

If you have Outlook they have an add in for Outlook.

They have a free version or you can pay for the premium version. I pay for the premium version, which is only $24 and well worth the investment. Now you have no reason not to be organized.

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