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This month WordPress 4.4 was introduced. This version was named “Clifford” in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. WordPress is our core software and anytime we have an upgrade it means two things; more security for your website and additional functionality. This version has introduced some great new features and has positioned developers for a new future of even better functionality and flexibility.

Automatic Responsive Images

Previously the images on your website were presented to the viewer in the same size they were uploaded which can slow down the presentation of your content on a mobile device. The new version create different sizes of your images so they will be presented in the appropriate size for your device.

Below is a short video to give you the gist of the updates.


Yoast SEO Plugin Upgrade

We also had an update to this essential plugin, which we use on each and every website. The upgrade was primarily intended to adapt to new Google algorithms, but also to fix some security issues. Every client is concerned about their SEO, as are we, and the best way to improve your SEO is to use your keywords effectively. The standard plugin we use is the free version and allows us to optimize a page or post for a single keyword. We can optimize for multiple keyword phrases by creating multiple pages. If you would like the added functionality of optimizing a single page for multiple keyword phrases Yoast has a premium plugin available for $69 a year that we can install on your website if you would like it.

You can read more about keyword density here.


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