Facebook Saved my Life

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That is a huge statement, but it is true. Mashable just surpassed 1 million Facebook fans and so they are sharing the stories of their fans about how Facebook changed their lives.

Is Facebook a Relationship Killer?

There are a lot of statistics banging around about the time people spend on Facebook and how it affects their relationships that are negative. But I think the researchers and naysayers are focused on the wrong “addiction”. We tend to feel that when we have an urge to do something that it must be wrong.

Social Statistics

  • 39% of Americans spend more time socializing online than in person
  • 20% prefer communicating online or via text message to face to face conversation
  • 33% said they were more likely to approach someone new online than off

Public Opinion on Facebook

  • 83% say it helps shy and lonely people make new friends
  • 76% say it is good for finding old acquaintances
My opinion is that social media allows people to connect with other people. In the old days, people wrote letters to one another. Did we consider writing an addiction?
If you have a story to tell about how Facebook changed your life, please share it with your friends.



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