PrivacyFix a New Chrome Extension for Facebook Privacy

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People fall, generally, into the continuum of two extremes when it comes to their private lives.

  • Those who have given up keeping their private lives private
  • Those who vehemently defend their private information
Because the people that fall into the extreme’s of the continuum will never read this post, this information is for those who still want to have a public life, but may not want your personal browsing habits used for ad targeting.

Facebook’s revenue from advertising is not growing as quickly as analysts expected. Facebook just released a new service that will let advertisers use information stored in a tool that was designed to protect members’ identities. That should send up red flags to Facebook executives. Why would you consider using information stored in a tool designed to protect members’ identities for advertising?

There is help for those of you using a Chrome browser. A new extension was released called PrivacyFix that will scan for privacy issues based on your Facebook and Google settings and can warn you when Facebook changes their privacy policies or have privacy breaches. It then takes you to the settings page that you need to fix.

Lauren Gores of Mashable says:

Facebook resets your privacy options every time the company updates their user agreement that could mean changes in your privacy settings could be reset to less than private.

If you are concerned about how your browsing data is used for advertising I suggest you start using the Chrome browser and install PrivacyFix.


Facebook 2012 Revenue Estimate is reduced by Emarketer (by Bloomberg’s Brian Womack)


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