Whats new in the web design field

Whats new in the web design field

Ran has some great observations on current web design trends. There are some design trends that will date your website and others that are classy and get the message across, which is what you want to do. You need to balance trends with functionality. The tools we have today are so much better than in the past which put these features in the hands of nearly every web designer.

Use of Lines in Design

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Drawing attention to the content is what you want to do, right?[/su_pullquote]Design effectively is more about subtlety than about bold strokes. Lines in design can play a critical role, drawing attention to the content; that is...

Life of a Web Designer

Life of a Web Designer can be challenging. Most of my clients are wonderful people who are easy to deal with and some are, still wonderful people, but more difficult to deal with. I thought this was a cute rendering of the process and challenges. Enjoy. From: Top Web...